Introducing Contextual Notes

July 1, 2021 - by Sharada Prasad

“It doesn’t matter how you record your notes, as long as you do.” - Bill Gates.

We are always looking for ways to strengthen the experience for our learners. With an eye toward enhanced instructions, we are happy to introduce this new feature, “Contextual Notes”

What exactly is new?

[Note:] is highlighted on the top of the screen every time a user scrolls by a piece of important information. We're calling them Contextual Notes.

Think of it like your sticky notes or post-it notes with significant bits built-in as you learn.

Isn't that nifty? How is this useful, you ask?

The Notes stand out on top of the screen, and learners can reinforce the critical information by actively acknowledging the Notes and closing the prompt. We can also see that when it's time to Take the Quiz, having Note handy has helped our learners be more successful in their quiz attempts.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and before you go, take a sneak peek :)