First step

April 8, 2020 - by The Programming Foundation

Today, the entire world is experiencing the pain of isolation and lock-downs due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We offer our salute to real heroes who are working day and night to save our lives. The current situation of lock-down has forced schools to shut down in some countries. Students are suffering from school closure.

We are launching The Programming Foundation during this difficult time. This platform will allow anyone to learn the foundations of operating systems and programming languages in the coming days. We have started with the mission of encouraging the next generations to implement the core and logical concepts of programming into their lives. The students require an understanding of the interaction between operating systems and programs that instruct the hardware. Our vision is to encourage students to work with command-line tools rather than using drag and drop programming tools.

Though our life revolves around the latest technologies, not all of us are aware of the system that makes our lives comfortable. Every changing technology is becoming a challenge for our current education system. The curriculum followed in schools is not enough to bring our next generation at par with these advanced technologies. Connecting with the ever-evolving platform in the early stages will help you gain knowledge of core and advanced concepts. Our working as a non-profit ensures that knowledge is spread evenly across the globe.

As we are launching the platform, we are looking towards the future. Together we will ensure to spread the light of knowledge and create a smarter general population for the world.