Where there is a will....

December 29, 2020 - by Sindhuri Kuppasad

… there is a way.

I know you might be thinking — yeah right, that’s just something people say. Well, recently our head of Marketing, Claudia, shared a TED talk: Can the Blind Be Graphic Designers?

Before you watch it, take a minute and answer that question to yourself. Can a blind person really learn graphic design? If no, then why not? If yes, then how? Okay, with that in context, here’s the talk. I’ll wait :)

Now take another minute and ask yourself — have I been holding myself back?

At The Programming Foundation, we recognize the need to make computer science education accessible to everyone, and we are working towards initiatives to make our learning platform more and more inclusive. Learning is a lifelong process. And there may be barriers to overcome, but never let your own mindset hold you back :)

With that thought, ciao 2020! See you in 2021!