Our mission is to encourage the next generation and generations to come to understand, use, and implement computer programming into their knowledge and their lives. Most students have some experience with drag and drop tools, but computer programming goes beyond the simplicity of drag and drop.

With proper education in mind, The Programming Foundation focuses on education that is based on written instruction and concise documentation of examples and processes, as well as providing students with hands-on experience working together as a team by developing free and open source tools for our platform.

To that end, The Programming Foundation aims to meet several goals:

The Programming Foundation commits to spreading awareness and education on computer programming and operating systems so that everyone is involved, and no one is left behind while the world advances. Our goal is for the widespread adoption of new and enhanced curriculum on computer programming and operating systems and for this knowledge to become mainstream in the general population. Without adequate instruction and training on advanced procedures in computer programming and operating systems, our children and the rest of the community will fall far behind technology.

Automation is replacing jobs at a fast rate, and education behind that technology needs to ramp up to a similar speed. One way to stay on top of the continued advancements is to educate the general population and the younger generations on computer programming and operating systems. This education will produce a collaborative society that applies their collective knowledge toward technological innovations.

We are already surrounded by devices that are smarter than the average human. This technology is becoming more widespread every day, and our lack of proper education on the subject leaves many behind on how it works. To keep everyone on the same level and to move society at the same speed as technology advances, we need to implement far-reaching educational systems to teach and learn how these technologies work. Together, we need to improve on our current educational processes and find better solutions. The Programming Foundation is dedicated to improving the available solutions so that we can make computer programming and operating systems education mainstream.

We are committed to open-source and plan on developing and involving our volunteers in building industry standard technologies and applications to improve our platform and make the world a better place. Our objective is to maintain our goal of continuous technological developments and to encourage every citizen to learn more about computer programming and operating systems so that together, we are a smarter population.