We helped launch Reach4Help

June 13, 2020 - by Team

Reach4Help is a global volunteer-run initiative developing technologies to bridge the gap between people in need and mutual aid networks that can help. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have been left torn without access to necessities such as food and medical supplies, especially in low-income areas.

In parallel, the volunteers at Reach4Help developed a global map of mutual aid showcasing the extensive network of community organizations working on the ground, providing essential services to people in need worldwide. This project is ensuring that anyone, anywhere can reach for help. People looking to make an impact in their community, connect with their neighbors, or looking for support for a loved one who lives elsewhere can start by exploring the resources and mutual aid groups available in their area through the Reach4Help's map.

Through development of open-source and accessible tools for volunteers and people in need alike, Reach4Help aims to build a large-scale network of help to keep us stronger and more interconnected during this pandemic. The main goal of this initiative is to ensure that anyone, anywhere can reach for help.

To learn more about the Reach4Help project, visit: https://reach4help.org/